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What Others Are Saying About Daniel

“Daniel’s Financial Freedom System is an easy-to-read guide to gaining and growing your financial success. Following the seven principles in this book will accelerate you toward achieving your financial goals and give you the confidence of being in total control of your money.”


“For me, this is such a simple system. Daniel has a special relationship with God and his own intuition; it’s truly a remarkable gift. My favorite part is that it’s not about the money. I thoroughly enjoy learning from Daniel. Having peace of mind and developing my intuition has been invaluable to me. Thank you, my friend!”

-TONY TIEDEMANN, Founder and CEO of Tiedemann Globe

“Our relationship with money and finance can have a tremendous impact on our sense of general wellbeing, happiness, and success in life. Daniel White’s Financial Freedom System is a practical yet philosophical way for anybody to reset how they think about their personal finances. Then they can become free to pursue the many gifts that life presents when one is not weighed down by the stress of money.”

-FRANK LAMAR, DDS, clinician, educator, and serial entrepreneur

“I have been working with Daniel since 2012. I have been fortunate enough to follow the Financial Freedom System. It works! I have been able to be calmer and more confident with my financial foundation, which has freed me up to make significant changes in my life and thrive. The system is simple and requires dedication but it is worth it. I can’t recommend it enough.”

-MATT CURRY, CEO of Giant Results

“The power of money and the financial system is real. You can let that power control you, or you can follow Daniel’s system and take your power back.”

-DAN O’SHAUGHNESSY, Founder of OSF Partners

“People’s relationship with money is like a baby to dynamite: ignorant and dangerous. Daniel’s new book defuses your money dangers by providing a ‘conscious’ path for creating happiness and purposeful wealth in your life.”

-CHARLIE EPSTEIN, financial advisor, actor, entertainer, and entrepreneur

“I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in saving more money by using the power of your intuition while eliminating stress. It will show you how to build wealth through positive energy. Every parent needs to share this with their kids!”

-KATHY WICKMAN, retired mom

“This book has changed my financial and personal life. I love the practical, easy-to-follow seven-step system. After following The Financial Freedom System for over a year, I have witnessed my relationship with money positively evolve and shift. I now feel more peace, calm, and stability in my finances, where I often felt stressed and lacking direction. But the great news is that this book offers so much more than a system of building financial freedom and good money habits; it’s actually a transformative guide for personal change and empowerment. That’s why I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking financial freedom and a life of greater choice. Read The Financial Freedom System. It will change the way you think, feel, and act with money forever.”

-JENNIFER MARR, author coach and book specialist

“Daniel is a gift to us all! He is at the cutting edge of understanding how to use the forces of the universe to create incredible abundance in every aspect of your life. I have known and worked with him for many years, and I can truly say that his mentorship and teachings have resulted in outstanding mental, spiritual, and financial gains for me and my family.”

-MARK LACHANCE, CEO of Maxy Media and bestselling author of The Lucky Formula.

“I always had a fear of never enough. So much insecurity. Through Daniel’s teachings, I have practiced exactly as is written until they became habitual. Now the words ‘gratitude’ and ‘abundance’ are part of my everyday life. At last, I can breathe. Thank you, Daniel.”

-STEPHEN THOMPSON, Founder of Breathing Soul

“When I first started working with the Financial Freedom System, I had no savings even though I owned a multimillion-dollar business. The system shifted my mindset to one of abundance versus fear. I had no idea the burden living paycheck to paycheck was having on me until I was free from it. I was held captive by the idea of not having enough instead of understanding that money is just a tool to be leveraged. This book is a must-read for everyone.”

-LISA M CINI, President and CEO of Mosaic Design Studio

“If you want financial freedom, inner peace, and greater stability in your life, read this book. Why? Because the Financial Freedom System taught in this book works!”

-DR. BENJAMIN HARDY, organizational psychologist and author of Be Your Future Self Now

At Daniel White Coaching, we transform you, your energy, your environment, and your relationships, bringing you back to your authentic truth, which is connected to God. We do this by turning fear into love, dark into light, and scarcity into abundance.

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We liberate you from your past entanglements and dependencies to provide the freedom to move toward your potential.

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We define winning as the relentless pursuit of excellence through never-ending improvement and alignment with your truth.

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We create protected space and remove distractions to ensure your transformation and growth.

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We believe that integrity is acting in accordance with God’s guidance for each individual situation, following your intuition.

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We know that the path to peace for you is through solid growth and transformation.

Let’s protect and build your future growth by seeking out and eliminating blockages and limitations that prevent freedom of success in your life.

It's time to make a change for yourself.

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We are all familiar with our mental, emotional, and physical parts of ourselves. Some people are also connected with their spiritual and energetic selves.

There is an energetic component to our lives, and everyone has it. You know, when you meet someone and get a bad feeling about them or go into a room and want to leave immediately, you are picking up on the negative energy. Conversely, you are aware when someone is positive or when you walk into a warm and welcoming room.

Daniel has learned to clear the negative energy from a space and people, removing the blockages holding them back from achieving their goals.

The Life Architect

Unlock your full potential with The Life Architect, taught by The Life Architect Daniel White.

This program focuses on the eight mindsets that allow you to win the game of life! We will focus on two mindsets each quarter in all areas of your life during a 90-minute coaching transformation session.

This program is specifically designed to help individuals take control of their lives and create the future they truly desire.

Through expert guidance and a personalized approach, you will learn the tools and strategies necessary to achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life.

Stop living a mediocre existence and start building the life of your dreams today with The Life Architect. It's the one investment that will yield the greatest returns in your life.

Join the DWC Financial Freedom System

People always ask me how I can be so relaxed about money, especially through these difficult times, and I say it wasn't always that way. I used to be so exhausted about being stressed with money that I built my own system to remove the financial stress from my life, and now I can teach you how to have this work for your life too.

In this detailed webinar, I will take you through the seven steps to attain freedom from your financial stress. Your worries will be eliminated, ensuring you have a life of abundance and joy.

  • Work to eliminate the physiological effects of financial stress
  • Transform the overwhelming nature that financial stress can have on your entire life
  • Enjoy the peace that comes with transforming your financial stress

What is a Power Clearing?

Power Clearing sessions are one-time, transformational sessions where we will clear a blockage you are experiencing with a particular person or yourself. This is a great opportunity to quickly tackle issues while also allowing you to experience Daniel's work or reconnect if you’ve already had the pleasure of working with Daniel.

Products & Services

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Power Clearing Session

Choose this session to clear issues or blockages you are experiencing with a particular person or yourself.

This is a great opportunity to quickly tackle issues while also allowing you to experience Daniel's work or reconnect if you've already had the pleasure of working with Daniel.

Property Clearing

Are you feeling that your environment is not supporting your growth?

Are you constantly confused, exhausted, or stressed when you are on your property?

With an intensive, thorough clearing of your property, the DWC Team will eliminate the negativity and darkness and clear the blockages holding your property, home, or office back from supporting your growth.

What Others Are Saying About Daniel

"I can't recommend [Daniel] enough to anyone who wants to more effortlessly maximize their effectiveness, health, and enjoyment of life."

-Dan Sullivan, President, The Strategic Coach Inc.

"Daniel White has made a huge impact on both my personal and professional life. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants greatly increase their effectiveness and maximize their energy.”

- Gino Wickman, Founder of EOS Worldwide; Author of Traction and Entrepreneurial Leap

"I've been associated with Daniel for over six years. His insights and guidance have been truly instrumental to my business and personal growth. I like to tell people that Daniel is my "secret weapon" to accelerated growth and staying true to my core self.”

- Bob Cacciabeve, CEO of EZ RED

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